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Innovating the Future of Student Living: Inside ScanTek 3D's Role in UCI Verano 8’s Sustainable Design Triumph

In the heart of the University of California, Irvine (UCI), stands the newly unveiled Verano 8 Graduate Student Housing project—a marvel of modern architecture, sustainability, and community-focused design.

This ambitious $221 million development not only sets a new standard for graduate student living but also reflects the cutting-edge drafting and structural design expertise of ScanTek 3D.

Our collaboration with a talented team of architects and engineers has culminated in a project that is as innovative as it is inclusive.

A Beacon of Affordability and Sustainability

UCI Verano 8 is more than just housing; it's a commitment to creating a space that is accessible, environmentally responsible, and conducive to academic excellence.

With sustainability at its core, the project aligns with UCI's dedication to green building practices and energy efficiency, earning it a spot as a milestone in graduate housing.

ScanTek 3D's Role: Elevating Structural Design

Our involvement in the UCI Verano 8 project was instrumental in bringing its unique architectural elements to life.

Entrusted with the development of structural calculations, designs, and drawings, ScanTek 3D tackled two significant components of the project:

Custom Sunshades for Optimal Energy Efficiency: Tailored specifically to enhance sustainability and student comfort, our sunshade designs for the residential buildings significantly contribute to the project's energy efficiency goals.

These sunshades not only reduce thermal gain but also embody the project's sustainable ethos, providing students with cooler, more comfortable living spaces.

Perforated Screen Panels for Aesthetic and Functional Excellence: The parking garage's custom metal perforated screen panels, essential for aesthetic appeal and functional ventilation, showcase our capability to blend intricate detailing with structural integrity.

These panels exemplify our commitment to sustainable design, contributing to the project's overall green initiative.

Overcoming Challenges with Innovation

The COVID-19 pandemic presented unprecedented challenges, demanding quick adaptation and innovative solutions. Despite these obstacles, ScanTek 3D successfully navigated remote design and coordination, ensuring that our contributions to the UCI Verano 8 project were delivered with precision and on schedule.

This adaptability not only kept the project on track but also underscored our ability to overcome challenges through ingenuity and dedication.

Pioneering Future Projects with ScanTek 3D

At ScanTek 3D, we pride ourselves on not just our precision but our drive to pioneer solutions that meet the evolving needs of modern architecture.

The UCI Verano 8 Graduate Student Housing project is a testament to our commitment to innovation, sustainability, and excellence.

As we look to the future, we invite partners who share our vision for groundbreaking architectural solutions to join us in creating spaces that inspire and last a lifetime...

Be Part of the Innovation

Let's collaborate to transform your vision into reality, as we have with UCI Verano 8.

Together, we can reshape the landscape of architectural design and build a future that is sustainable, inclusive, and innovative.


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