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Bringing Innovation to Life: ScanTek 3D's Contribution to the UCSD Franklin Antonio Hall Project

The University of California San Diego (UCSD) recently opened its new $180 million engineering building, the Franklin Antonio Hall.

The building was named after UC San Diego alumnus Franklin Antonio in recognition of his incredible $30 million gift to the UC San Diego Jacobs School of Engineering.

The building was designed with unique elements that set it apart from other engineering facilities. The building features a soaring atrium with an open stairwell that connects all four floors, creating an inviting atmosphere for collaboration and innovation.

Additionally, the building has several outdoor terraces and balconies that provide stunning views of the surrounding area. There are also two large lecture halls with tiered seating for up to 200 people each.

The building also includes several laboratories and classrooms equipped with the latest technology, such as 3D printers, robotics equipment, and virtual reality systems. These technologies allow students to explore new ideas and develop innovative solutions in a hands-on environment.

Franklin Antonio Hall is an impressive example of modern engineering design that will undoubtedly have a lasting impact on UC San Diego's Jacobs School of Engineering for years to come.

The Stunning Center Spiral Staircase at Franklin Antonio Hall

The Center Spiral Staircase at Franklin Antonio Hall is a stunning architectural feat that has been made possible by the hard work of ScanTek 3D's engineering team.

The Center Spiral Staircase is just one of the many unique elements that was presented by Coffman Engineers and Perkins&Will throughout the project.

The building was designed to foster collaboration and innovation, and it features a huge steel spiral staircase that winds its way up the four stories of the building. This impressive centerpiece was made possible by Scantek 3D's engineering team.

The four-story atrium, with its large spiral staircase, provides a practical and visually stunning centerpiece for the building.

Making it Possible: ScanTek 3D's Role in the Project

ScanTek 3D is a 3D laser scanning and engineering company that specializes in providing high-precision data and engineering solutions for complex projects.

For this project, they used their state-of-the-art laser scanners to capture point cloud data and detailed images of the existing space.

From there, they created a virtual model that allowed them to design and build the center spiral staircase with precision accuracy.

ScanTek 3D played a pivotal role in bringing the complex design of the University of California San Diego's Franklin Antonio Hall to life.

As part of their involvement, ScanTek 3D provided manufacturing & on-site solutions for the custom metal perforated guardrail system & stanchions, custom wood stairs & flooring, and LED lighting for the atrium.

These features were designed to provide a safe and aesthetically pleasing environment for students and faculty alike.

The metal perforated guardrail system was designed to be both decorative and functional while providing an eye-catching feature that complemented the building’s modern design.

Similarly, the custom wood stairs and flooring offer an inviting atmosphere that blends perfectly with the building’s contemporary style.

Finally, LED lighting was used to accentuate the staircase’s unique architecture while creating an inviting atmosphere that encourages collaboration and creativity.

ScanTek worked closely with the specialty contractors and engineers to ensure that every detail was worked out before construction began. They also provided ongoing support throughout the entire process, from design to installation.

Thanks to all the trade partners, for their hard work and dedication, UCSD now has an impressive centerpiece in its new engineering building that will inspire students for years to come.

ScanTek 3D's Commitment to Future Innovation

ScanTek 3D is proud to have been part of such an important project at UCSD, and look forward to continuing their work on other innovative projects in the future.

As experts in 3D laser scanning and reality capture solutions, ScanTek 3D will continue to bring unique designs and solutions to life that foster collaboration and innovation.

ScanTek’s experience has been a crucial part of the success at Franklin Antonio Hall and many other impressive projects, inspiring imagination and allowing complex ideas to turn into tangible works of art.


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