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How 3D Modeling & Virtual Tours Can Transform Your Real Estate Business!

The real-estate industry is one of the largest and most recognized sectors in any country's economy. It encompasses a wide array of sub-divisions that create multiple jobs and investment opportunities. And as more and more businesses transition into the new way of working, it is now standard to utilize modern technology to manage and list properties virtually!

At Scantek, we utilize our industry leading 3D modeling & HD scanning solutions for full digitalization of any real estate and or commercial property. This can allow team members and agents to easily perform 3D virtual tours and inspections remotely (off-site). This can greatly enhance agent and client efficiency by attracting more engaged high-quality prospects with your properties online.

Our team can help you transition into the new way of working and future-proof your business!

What is 3D Modeling?

3D Modeling is the bringing of flat 2D data to a three-dimensional reality. This 3D data is more realistic and offers a lot more accurate details for a prospective buyer and seller. These more-accurately represented details and a closer-to-reality feel makes 3D virtual data & modeling the ideal solution for managing & listing properties online.

At Scantek, our 3D modeling solutions can bring all your designs and ideas to life! Our solutions not only enhance the property listing, but it also makes the documentation and listing process so much easier!

Our all-in-one solution captures High quality 4K HDR photos and 3D reality capture data quickly and efficiently onsite, all while generating the virtual assets for you automatically.

The Real Estate Industry – Are You Ready to Future-Proof?

The housing or real estate industry is a massive job creator, while it is also part and parcel of our daily lives. Finding housing accommodations, investing in property, or running your own business requires coming in contact with this ever-present industry.

The Real Estate Industry encompasses many sub-fields, including construction, development, marketing, sales, and so on. Moreover, the industry is further sub-divided into the residential sector, industrial sector, and commercial sector based on the usability of the land on offer.

Whatever the sub-division, 3D modeling has changed the dynamics of the industry. Gone are the days when you had to visit the site in person to assess its pros and cons. With Scantek’s reality capture, 3D land surveys, BIM models, and 3D laser scanning at the helm, owning your favorite property got a whole lot easier.

Real Estate & Commercial Development and Prospecting.

Work in the real-estate industry starts with the prospecting and development stage. Land is surveyed, and potential buyers decide which parcel of land to invest in. By implementing Scantek’s 3D land surveying and drone mapping solutions (in the shape of LIDAR scans and LIDAR mapping) accurate data and 3D models can be generated quickly to gain valuable insights that will allow for fast effective decision making.

Prospective investors can also utilize satellite imagery to predict any such land's growth and decide which ground to develop for future use. 3D land surveys can be ideal in such scenarios as they can help you understand the land's terrain and layout in full detail. This can help maintain transparency & communication during the development phase.

Real-Estate Marketing & Documentation Made Simple!

The results of reality capture and convert such reality capture to 3D models have resulted in a dynamic shift in the real estate sector. This paradigm shift has also occurred due to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, changing the way businesses operate these days.

Gone are the days when you needed open-houses with excellent arrangements to lure customers. Customers and buyers themselves prefer virtual tours in the wake of the global pandemic. This shift is not just limited to COVID-19 restriction; however, the sector was increasingly becoming technology-centric.

At Scantek, 360-degree virtual tours are not a thing of the future anymore, and nor are they restricted to heritage sites and museums. Now you can arrange a 3D virtual tour for almost any property at hand!

And for even more detail, Scantek’s 3D laser scanning and BIM modeling solutions allow for Architects and Realtors to provide a highly accurate 3D models and digital twins of the properties.

The Construction Industry.

The Construction industry is a booming one, although it has had its fair share of downfalls, the sector remains robust as new land development is bound to occur to cater to the world's burgeoning population.

The Implementation of new construction technology has changed the industry itself! As Scantek’s Drone & UAV operations, for example, are being adopted on a wide scale. These solutions offer quick, more precise surveying and mapping, that can all be done from a remote office or work site!

Other solutions include reality capture to 3D models, 3D laser scanning, and incorporating scan data into BIM models. Our Team of professionals combine best-in-class design services with a collaborative design-build approach.

Our VDC/BIM solutions allow you and your team to extract accurate project information to make fast effective decisions. All while further enabling more value and implementing practical and innovative solutions to help buyers and sellers alike.

The Way Forward.

Almost every industry has been impacted by modern technology, and the real-estate industry is no exception!

By implementing and providing 3D virtual tours and walkthroughs of your properties, you can provide your clients with a new safe and remote way to visualize and experience a building, all before they even leave their home! This can also be a way to differentiate yourself as a tech-forward agent while building your brand authority.

At Scantek, our solutions provide new ways to accomplish accurate as-built documentation and allow for the detection of any clashes or discrepancies in the structure's proposed design and or on-site execution. Technologies such as LIDAR scans and 3D land surveys help visualize rugged terrains to formulate well-thought-out execution plans.

These pre-emptive measures make the process of development and construction run a lot smoother by reducing design & execution errors while maintaining or reducing schedule.

ScanTek 3D’s Advantages & Solutions:

We can go on and on about the advantages that our solutions can offer in any specific industry. At Scantek, providing our clients with added measurable value is our fundamental principle when developing and utilizing technology. We provide enterprise-level solutions for 3D modeling, 3D surveying, reality capture, and BIM modeling to help facilitate complex construction, manufacturing, and real estate projects.

Advantages of 3D modeling in Real Estate:

  • Never have leave the office or workplace to give a tour of a property to prospective buyers.

  • A 3D model helps to maintain a record at the time of sale for comparison after usage.

  • Reduced number of physical visits to properties – allow for seller’s privacy to be safeguarded.

  • Even properties that are not yet fully constructed can be in modeled in 3D to show the property design – allow for pre-sale/pre-leasing of properties.

  • Investors and project stakeholders can visually experience a building or design upfront.

  • Comparisons with other properties can be made quickly.

  • Future-proof your business as more and more customers look to save time and visit properties virtually online.

3D Real Estate & Virtual Tour Solutions:

  • 3D Virtual Tours, 4K Quality Photos, Custom Floor Plans, and Video tours.

  • Storage & Embedment of your Virtual Assets online.

  • As-Built Modeling for renovation projects.

Drone & UAV Advantages:

  • Gather Complete Drone & Reality Capture Data – All in one solution.

  • Automatic Flight Planning & Safe Autonomous Flight.

  • Easily Collect HD photos, panoramas, videos, and maps.

  • Create and share visual timelines with team members and stakeholders.

  • Enterprise-level Compliant Drones.

  • Easily Create 3D Virtual Tours.

  • Drone & UAV operations for Highly Accurate 3D Laser Scanning & Scan-To-BIM.

  • Drone & UAV operations for Site Planning and Land Management – Virtual Surface and 3D Terrain models.

  • Drone & UAV operations for Plants and Facilities – Modeling & Analysis of pipelines, powerlines, rail roads and waterways, etc.

BIM & VDC Solutions:

  • VDC/BIM Consulting

  • VDC/BIM Execution & Planning

  • Trade Specific Drawing Analysis & Coordination

  • Structural & Constructability Analysis

  • 3D Laser Scanning & Scan-To-BIM

  • 3D As-Built Modeling

  • Site Logistics & Planning

We offer a complete and diversified array of different services that can be tailored for your specific project requirements/needs. Our vast experience with different clients and industries are considered key factors in our longstanding success.

Get in touch with our team of professionals to learn more about our solutions!


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