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Scantek's Prefab Solutions Change Construction & Manufacturing.

Nearly all industries are being impacted by ScanTek's 3D solutions, and construction is no exception. Efficient workflow, reliable risk management, and shortened lead times are now the latest trend of any construction project.

As more and more specialty contractors and managers look to reduce working hours (spent both on and off-site) our 3D solutions are here to help change the building and manufacturing landscape forever!

Our team provides efficient solutions for inspection, project management, and quality management (QA/QC), to enable successful prefab workflows for the manufacturing and construction industry.

In addition, our on-site reality capture solutions can provide specialty contactors with extraordinarily accurate point clouds, details, and images of the existing construction project. This captured data of the existing substrate can then allow for accurate measurements and 2D/3D drawings (As-builts) to be generated, all without even using a tape measure! This greatly reduces human errors involved in the field verification process.


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