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ScanTek 3D Maps the Indoors for Public Safety!

The typical person spends about 87% of his time indoors. This implies a combination of time in a residence, such as a private home, or in a business or public building, such as a corporation, school, museum, or shopping mall. However, because of obstructions from rooftops, walls and windows, the GPS technology we have come to rely on for reliable and precise positioning and outdoor navigation is completely ineffective in such buildings.

This problem, combined with the lack of accessible indoor maps, has made it a significant challenge for indoor navigation capabilities.

This challenge is particularly important for firefighters and first responders. The lack of detailed indoor building maps means firefighters and first responders are far more likely to get lost and disoriented. In addition to trying to navigate an unknown building—they are moving with limited visibility, wearing sometimes up to 50 lbs of gear, and where every corner can be life and death. Seconds count.

Our firefighters and first responders need reliable indoor maps, not just to aid in normal circumstances, but for emergency scenarios, where indoor mapping could prevent injury or even death.

Get in touch with our team of professionals to learn more about the benefits of using our 3D solutions to efficiently and accurately map the indoors for public safety use cases.


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