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Take Advantage of ScanTek 3D’s Drone Solutions for a Complete Reality Capture Experience!

By implementing ScanTek’s Drone & UAV Solutions, your team will be able to further enhance project documentation and accurately gather interior, exterior, and aerial data – no matter where they are in the world!

Our solutions can allow team members and project stakeholders perform 3D virtual tours and site inspections remotely (off-site). This can greatly enhance partner and client coordination with the detection & correction of plan discrepancies on-site, by comparing the existing in-field conditions to the design or construction drawings. Our Solutions also make project planning and pre-construction easy by gathering accurate information upfront.

At ScanTek, we use enterprise-level drones that allow for a One Stop Solution for all your Data Capture and project documentation needs!

ScanTek’s Drone & UAV Advantages:

  • Gather Complete Drone & Reality Capture Data – All in one solution.

  • Automatic Flight Planning & Safe Autonomous Flight.

  • Easily Collect HD photos, panoramas, videos, and maps.

  • Create and share visual timelines with team members and stakeholders.

  • Enterprise-level Compliant Drones.

  • Easily Create 3D Virtual Tours.

  • Drone & UAV operations for Highly Accurate 3D Laser Scanning & Scan-To-BIM.

  • Drone & UAV operations for Site Planning and Land Management – Virtual Surface and 3D Terrain models.

  • Drone & UAV operations for Plants and Facilities – Modeling & Analysis of pipelines, powerlines, rail roads and waterways, etc.

Get in touch with our team of professionals to learn more about our Drone & UAV Solutions!


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