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Architecture, Engineering, & Construction Solutions

At ScanTek 3D, we empower architects, engineers, and construction professionals with advanced 3D scanning technology that brings precision, efficiency, and innovation to every project.


Our solutions bridge the gap between conceptual design and reality, ensuring that your visions are built with the utmost accuracy and excellence.

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Driving Innovation in Building Design

Advanced 3D Scanning Solutions:

Experience unparalleled precision with our state-of-the-art 3D laser scanning technology. We provide detailed site surveys and as-built documentation that help architects and engineers plan more effectively, reduce unforeseen issues, and save on costs. From intricate historical renovations to large-scale commercial developments, our scans offer the detailed insights needed to make informed decisions.

Virtual Modeling and Simulation:

Transform your blueprints into dynamic 3D models that offer a virtual walkthrough of your architectural projects before construction begins. Our modeling services help identify potential design conflicts and streamline project coordination among multiple teams, fostering collaboration and innovation throughout the construction lifecycle.

Accurate As-Built Drawings:

Ensure your project builds are up to specification with our as-built scanning services. We provide accurate representations of buildings post-construction, which are essential for documentation, future renovations, and maintenance planning.

Enhancing Engineering Precision

Structural Analysis Support:

ScanTek 3D aids structural engineers in analyzing the integrity and safety of buildings both during and after construction. Our scans provide critical data that supports structural assessments, retrofitting, and compliance with building codes, ensuring that every structure stands strong and durable.

Construction Progress Monitoring:

Keep your project on track with our construction monitoring services. By regularly scanning the construction site, we provide real-time updates that help manage timelines, track progress, and adjust workflows as necessary to meet deadlines and budget constraints.

Empowering Construction Execution

Project Collaboration Tools:

Leverage cloud-based solutions to access, share, and manage your 3D scans and models from anywhere, at any time. This facilitates seamless communication across all project stakeholders, enhancing decision-making and operational efficiency.

Safety and Compliance:

Prioritize safety and ensure compliance with industry standards using our detailed risk assessment scans. By identifying potential hazards and ensuring that construction sites meet regulatory requirements, we help mitigate risks and protect personnel.

At ScanTek 3D, we are committed to revolutionizing the architecture, engineering, and construction industries through advanced 3D scanning and modeling technologies. Our comprehensive services are designed to support your projects from initial planning to final construction, ensuring precision, safety, and efficiency every step of the way.


Ready to integrate cutting-edge 3D scanning into your next project?


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