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3D Laser Scanning For Government And Defense.

With technology evolving at an astonishing pace, there are many tech advancements out there that help increase efficiency and accuracy.

At ScanTek, our reality capture and 3D laser scanning solutions are implemented by the Department of Defense (DOD) to provide a more precise and secure way to collect data.

Our multi-purpose solutions are used in various operations including design, manufacturing, production, reverse engineering, and surveying.

In an industry that requires strict precision, our team understands that there is no room for human-error or misinformation!

Right now, ScanTek 3D is the most reliable design and engineering firm that specializes in providing precise laser scanning solutions.

Our leading-edge technologies and practices are enabling our customers across almost every industry tackle some of their biggest challenges.

Function of 3D Laser Scanners

3D laser scanning is a non-invasive method of using lasers to capture and collect accurate details and dimensions of any physical object or activity. Laser scanning can also be used for documentation and inspection of existing structures as it pinpoints and collects data of the physical details with high level of accuracy.

Benefits of Laser 3D Scanning

Laser scanning is used across multiple applications including reverse engineering, object recognition, design, and terrain mapping / surveying.

For the military and defense industry, the best tools and technologies must be utilized to ensure the security and safety of our soldiers in the field and nation.

1. Increased Accuracy and Reduced Variance

At Scantek, we have proudly eliminated 99% of the human-error involved with on-site measurement by instituting laser scanning as part of our engineering process.

Implementing accurate scan data and deliverables ensure that there is less project rework and errors.

Our team uses the latest laser scanning hardware to collect and process accurate in-field data to analyze deviations and measurements for any existing object or substrate, to provide actionable data & deliverables.

2. Cost Efficiency

Design and startup time for projects can be reduced and lessened with the usage of laser scanning. As a result, in-field data can be collected and captured more accurately and completely, allowing for more accurate deliverables and design efforts to be generated at a much quicker pace.

This capability will typically result in major schedule reductions, because of factors such as reduced site visits, more accurate data collection (Higher level of detail than most manual methods), and shorter cycle times for each project.

3. AR / VR Simulation Creation

3D laser scanners and scan data can be used for creating High-Definition AR / VR simulations. These simulations can be used for virtual training and testing.

Training can be made easier as it can now be tackled through a virtual world!

4. Complete Automation

Our 3D laser scanning applications are vast, but the objective is only one; to offer safe, actionable, highly accurate and precise measurement solutions.

  • Autonomously capture data in the most challenging project environments & conditions - Improved Safety.

  • Accurately perform alignments, machine installation, and machine calibration with precision.

  • Generate accurate as-built measurements & documentation.

  • Get accurate data & measurements fast to make smarter more informed decisions.

Our software solutions and integrations with lidar technology, allow our engineers to quickly analyze the data, on or off-site.

Get in touch with our team of professionals to learn more about our solutions!

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