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Building Information Modeling (BIM) & 3D Laser Scanning Services

Building information modeling (BIM) is nothing short of revolutionary for the construction, planning, and execution of large-scale projects and custom-building enclosures.

It allows the architectural, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry to digitally design and visualize a 3D model of any building, site, or space.

At ScanTek, our BIM modeling services can provide you and your team with powerful insights and deliverables to plan more efficiently, design, construct, and manage your buildings and infrastructure.

More impressively, this technology can be combined with highly accurate 3D laser scan data (3D Laser Scanning / Scan-to-BIM) to allow professionals to continuously monitor projects and coordinate real-time discrepancies against CAD / BIM designs.

Right now, there is an influx of demand for Scan-to-BIM and BIM modeling in the construction industry. Below will briefly describe how BIM and 3D Laser Scanning works and what its benefits are.

Get in touch with our team of professionals to see how our solutions can help you reduce rework, costly schedule delays and deliver higher-quality products and projects, all on-time!

What is BIM and 3D Laser Scanning?

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is used to design intuitive 3D digital models as a move towards a more coordinated, automated, and more successful way of project planning.

3D laser scanning is an ideal technology to support BIM modeling; due to its efficiency, accuracy, and level of detail that is captured from the laser scanner.

Our leading scan to BIM solutions captures, analyze, and document existing site conditions through a safe, non-contact method.

Our solutions help clients save millions of dollars in lost productivity and project rework by providing accurate deliverables that aid in design, verification, manufacturing, and custom fabrication / installation.

By implementing enterprise-level laser scanning equipment we ensure the highest level of accuracy and data will be captured!

At Scantek, we have proudly eliminated 99% of the human-error involved with on-site measurement by instituting laser scanning as part of our engineering process.

There is an increasing demand in the construction industry to use Scan-to-BIM, especially to build models for existing buildings undergoing further construction.

Scan-to-BIM uses 3D laser scanning to capture the as-built conditions of a pre-existing structure. The digital software can capture and collect crucial information about the scanned area – providing more in-depth actionable insights for the design team making their job easier.

How Does It Work?

There are different types of laser scanners used in the market. Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) and Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) are the commonly used laser scanning devices.

These technologies all use terrestrial laser scanners and mobile mapping systems to extensively collect any given space's measurements.

This information is then used to create a combination of data points referred to as a 'point cloud.' The point cloud data can be further processed to accurately represent the external and internal space of a building and or object.

What Are The Benefits Of BIM and Scan-to-BIM?

Our BIM and laser scanning solutions can significantly improve and enhance the design and planning process for project stakeholders and design professionals.

Implementing accurate scan data and deliverables into your projects will ensure that there is less rework and errors due to reduced human input.

Digitally recording and accurately documenting the project and the changes made to a project through its lifespan, will allow you to properly document and evaluate the construction process changes.

This high-level documentation can help you avoid lawsuits and make it easy to identify an issue’s cause, as you can assign it to the correct party and avoid legal action.

In the long run, it will save you time, energy, and labor hours for all stakeholders.

ScanTek 3D is leading the industry by providing highly actionable deliverables and solutions driven by data and the latest 3D technology.

Get in touch with our team today to book a free consultation to further understand how BIM and 3D laser scanning can benefit you!


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