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Create Virtual Assets of your Property Listings with Scantek’s 3D Solutions!

At Scantek, our team of professionals can help you provide your clients with a fully immersible virtual tour experience. This will allow them to explore and evaluate properties in full HD/3D, all without them leaving their home!

By enabling your properties with this technology, potential clients will be able to do their own tours and walkthroughs from anywhere, anytime; further generating engagement and interest for the property.

This not only elevates the property listing, but it also makes the documentation and listing process so much easier! This all-in-one solution captures High quality 4K HDR photos and 3D reality capture data quickly and efficiently onsite, all while generating the virtual assets for you automatically.

Scantek’s 3D Real Estate & Virtual Tour Solutions:

  • 3D Virtual Tours, 4K Quality Photos, Custom Floor Plans, and Video tours.

  • Storage & Embedment of your Virtual Assets online.

  • As-Built Modeling for renovation projects.

Get in touch with our team of professionals to learn more about our 3D Real Estate & Virtual Tour solutions!


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