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How virtual visits & 3D models are helping real estate agents in time of pandemic?

Covid-19 has affected economies, lifestyles, and everything in all corners of the world. It has proven to be a tragedy for many people. However, there is a silver lining. This pandemic has made us rethink the way we live our daily lives and has encouraged all of us to adapt to a new digitally convenient and technologically advanced lifestyle.

Virtual tours and 3d models are changing the real estate industry at large for agents and managers in the time of the pandemic. Virtual assets can allow for the convenience and ease that is now a pre-requisite in today's world. Virtual tours can also allow you to buy and sell properties without coming in close contact with clientele.

Moving into 2021, Virtual tours and 3d models are now becoming a main part of the real estate industry, and their importance will only continue to rise in the future.

At Scantek, we utilize our industry leading 3D modeling & HD scanning solutions for full digitalization of any real estate and or commercial property. This can allow team members and agents to easily perform 3D virtual tours and inspections remotely, greatly enhancing agent and client efficiency by attracting more engaged high-quality prospects with your properties online.

Real estate and virtual tours

The real-estate industry has been slow when it comes to adopting new technology. Although, with the rapid demand for Virtual tours and asset digitization, it has been a massive push for the real estate industry.

This importance is proving that the future belongs to Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality technology. As per Statista, by 2024 there will be a $ 2.7 Billion investment in Virtual Reality in the retail showcasing sector.

Virtual tours have also become essential as they give a sense of luxury and allow the buyer to see the place without even booking a formal appointment. According to the National Association of Realtors, more than half of US adults who use the internet, have participated in a virtual tour of some kind.

What are virtual tours?

Virtual tours are just like the physical tours of any space minus the physical presence. These 3d tours can allow you to accurately see and analyze a property without the need for a physical visit. With the surge in Covid-19 cases and numerous safety precautions in place, this can become an extremely useful tool for real estate agents.

Benefits of virtual tours for the real-estate industry:

Virtual tours are not only in place because of the pandemic, they are here to stay. And there are so many benefits to managing and listing your properties virtually!

3D Real Estate & Virtual Tour Benefits:

  • According to Panomatics, 75% of the customers now consider virtual tours as a major step in their buying decision process.

  • As per Panomatics, 360* photos of a place are 45% more likely to perform better than conventional photos.

  • Virtual tours save time – that goes on both ends. They save the agents and the prospective buyers from wasting time in transit.

  • Virtual tours give you a competitive edge over your competitors. They screen buyers, and you will be dealing with serious potential buyers instead of mildly interested ones.

  • Virtual tours will make you seem more reliable and trustworthy to your clients. They will help in developing a genuine interest in your properties.

  • More convenient & requires less preparation of the premises before the arrival of a prospective buyer.

  • With virtual tours, you can highlight, tag, and label certain features of the property to entice the buyer into buying it.

  • Virtual tours have a far better reach than traditional tours. Virtual tours transcend borders and have the potential to get noticed by prospective buyers from all over the world.

  • Virtual tours can also prevent an increase in bounce rate. Virtual tours are a vital factor in getting people to stay longer on your website. It will help minimize the bounce rate of the website/listing.

  • Virtual tours increase the probability of selling/renting a property. They can allow you to label and highlight the areas that will be of interest to the prospective client.

  • Virtual tours & assets are very appealing. It is an excellent way to showcase the amenities, features, wall colors, and wall designs of a project to your clients.

  • Virtual tours & 3D models allow clients to navigate at their own pace and see everything while sitting peacefully in their homes or offices.

  • With virtual tours, prospective buyers can see the property as many times as they want, before coming to a final decision. This ease in seeing the property also works in favor of the agents and property managers.

  • 3D virtual tours & 3D Modeling allow you to show a property even before it is constructed.

  • Providing Virtual tours to your clients can provide privacy to the seller(s).

Get the best virtual tours for your property or project

There has been enough emphasis on the importance of virtual tours and different ways they can help real estate agents with more clients. However, it is important to select the right partner to process and create your virtual tours.

At Scantek, we offer the leading and most trusted solutions for real estate agents. These solutions include 3D virtual tours, 3D Modeling, 4K Quality photos & documentation, custom floor plans, and video tours.

Our advanced 3D laser scanning, VDC, and BIM modeling solutions can also allow realtors and property managers to come up with high-quality 3D models and digital twins of the property.

At Scantek, our team can help you provide your clients with a fully immersible virtual tour experience. This will allow them to explore and evaluate properties in full HD/3D, all without them leaving their home!

By enabling your properties with this technology, potential clients will be able to do their own tours and walkthroughs from anywhere, anytime.

This not only elevates the property listing, but it also makes the documentation and listing process so much easier! Our team can help you capture High quality 4K HDR photos and 3D reality capture data quickly and efficiently onsite, all while generating the virtual assets automatically.

Scantek’s 3D Real Estate & Virtual Tour Solutions:

  • 3D Virtual Tours, 4K Quality Photos, Custom Floor Plans, and Video tours.

  • Storage & Embedment of your Virtual Assets online.

  • As-Built Modeling for renovation projects.

Get in touch with our team of professionals to learn more about our 3D Real Estate & Virtual Tour solutions!


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