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Metrology and Laser Tracking Services

The International Bureau of Weights and Measurements defines Metrology as the science of measurement that combines theoretical and experimental determinations.

These days, 3D metrology and the use of laser trackers is an industry standard when it comes to measuring; complex parts, molds, assemblies, and large machines for industrial-level applications.

At Scantek, we provide 3D measurement & metrology services for large-scale projects & inspections within industries such as:

  • Energy & Power

  • Space transportation & technology

  • Oil & Gas

  • Chemical Processing

  • Aerospace

  • Infrastructure & Construction

  • Shipbuilding

Why is Metrology Important?

Metrology is needed in fields where high precision and accurate measurements are required. Areas such as industrial design and aerospace manufacturing often require sub-millimeter precision, which our laser tracking and 3D measurement services provide.

At ScanTek 3D, we use the latest laser scanning & laser tracking technology to measure and collect data to provide precision measurements services in the following areas:

  • Machine(s) & Equipment - Inspection & Alignment of production parts

  • Assembly - Guiding assemblies

  • Machine Tool and Robot Calibration - Calibrating robots

  • Product design & engineering applications

  • Composite Manufacturing & Inspection

  • Tool Manufacturing & Inspection

  • Forging, Casting, and Sheet Metal Stamping

  • Industrial Automation & Quality Control

Complex Problems Require Innovative Solutions

When traditional monitoring methods used in part inspections or when standard measurement methods fail, our 3D laser tracking and 3D metrology solutions can expedite the collection of key data points, used for 3D measurement. In some cases, the traditional methods cannot even measure data points that may be hidden behind other objects.

Only 3D laser trackers can map out the full picture of the process or product to be measured in such scenarios. Our scanning equipment and measurement solutions offer a geospatial spread of the objects measured, resulting in easily comprehensible 3D models and point cloud data.

Benefits of 3D Metrology & 3D Measurement:

At Scantek, our 3D measurement & metrology solutions are here to help you and your team solve your measurement challenges.

  • Accurately perform alignments, machine installation, and machine calibration with precision.

  • Generate accurate as-built measurements & documentation – an essential tool in construction.

  • Reduced rework & material waste.

  • Get accurate data & measurements fast - make smarter more informed decisions.

  • Improved Safety - Autonomously capture data in the most challenging project environments & conditions.

The technology applications are vast, but the objective is only one; to offer safe, actionable, highly accurate and precise measurement solutions that drive increased profitability.

Our software solutions and integrations with lidar technology, allow our engineers to quickly analyze the data, on or off-site.

Our 3D laser measurement and metrology solutions are entirely safe and non-invasive.

3D Models and Data Analysis Helps End-Users Immensely

The data points obtained from the 3D laser scanners can allow us to model accurate digital twins and 3D models to predict a product / process’s health. Such measurements are crucial when monitoring delicate industrial systems that have minimum tolerance in fluctuating parameters.

Our engineers at ScanTek 3D can develop and design accurate models & digital twins by using the data collected from the laser scanners.

Digital twins and 3D models can be designed for Aerospace systems including:

  • Airframe

  • Propulsion & energy storage systems

  • Life support systems

  • Avionics

  • Thermal protection systems, etc.

Some industries or processes cannot be measured until they are subjected to running loads. Measuring such equipment in real-time with the accuracy required, leaves only one option: 3D laser scanning and laser tracking solutions.

At Scantek, we can help you identify real-time deviations or misalignments in equipment, machines, or any physical substrate.

  • Machine & equipment alignment / analysis.

  • Construction inspection & verification (flatness / plumbness, Scan- to-BIM, deflection / deformation analysis, structural integrity analysis, clash inspection & analysis).

  • Dimensional Analysis - Deformation & Deflection / Geometric Alignments.

  • Site scanning for plant & facility coordination (plant & facility layout & planning).

  • Facility scanning for fabrication & asset management (Industrial plants & facilities, as-built piping, structural & equipment modeling).

  • 2D / 3D drawings & fabrication drawings - for manufacturing and design.

  • Conversion of measurement data into CAD models & deliverables.

  • Land survey & Civil deliverables (topo, geo-referencing, volume calculations & analysis).

Get in touch with our team to learn more about our Metrology and Laser Tracking solutions today!


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